Interior Design

Mark Thomas Home is truly a 1-stop-shopping and design experience for every room of your home and outdoor.

We provide professional, award-winning interior design services. Our team of talented interior designers can truly transform your dreams into reality.

We call it - The Five - Contrast, scale, color, texture, balance. All done in 5 easy steps.

1. It starts with a relationship

We begin by asking questions to clarify your needs, goals, and budget. Together we will become a creative and effective team, working on a design that you and how you live your life.

2. The House Call

We come to your home, experience your space for color, scale and balance.

For simpler projects, we take all measurements and photos; discuss existing items that you would like incorporated into your plan. Clarify how you live and the purpose of your room(s) to best determine goals, activities, layout and traffic patterns.

For more comprehensive projects we offer detailed 3D scanning by canvas to create a virtual room environment.

3. Back At The Store

Work will begin to select just the right pieces for your project. We will draw your room to scale, ensuring good balance, flow and fit. Furniture, rugs, accessories, wall color and lighting can all be part of the plan.

4. The Presentation

Meet at the store and see what pieces, colors, fabrics, leathers and more have been chosen for your home.

This is the time to make collaborative changes and fine-tune the details of; contrast - scale - color - texture - balance. The furniture selection is a breeze with so many items to choose from in our large inventory display. Purchase as much or as little as you want - no pressure.

5. The Reveal

Relax and watch your room come to life. Your design consultant will be there to direct the placement of each piece among any existing furnishings you have have.

Finally, your designer will arrange the key accessories to compliment you entirely new and beautiful home design environment.

Our flexible Interior Design services satisfy a wide range of requirements an there is a plan structured to fit every budget.

Our in-store service can help you with showroom product selections and custom orders.

Our designers also offer complete design assistance to the customer building a new home or vacation home in any part of the country.

We can ship globally to any location including, Australia, Hawaii, China, Mongolia, Europe, Florida, and Lake Tahoe or anywhere in between.

We also offer our hospitality division for all projects large and small. From hotels, country clubs, commercial clients and community centers. We have very competitive pricing and highly skilled interior designers who have completed projects for customers just like you.

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